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My name is David R Behan and I’ll be your master practitioner, therapist and life coach and I warmly welcome you to the London Wellbeing Clinic.

On this website you’ll find an abundant amount of advice, information and helpful guides.

Experience tells me that you’re reading this website for answers to eliminate a problem you have. Well, you can rest assured that I have the solution and its actually very simple!

You’ll Discover and Learn how 1000’s of my clients from all walks of life, backgrounds and lifestyles have experienced massive lifestyle change starting with a simple shift in their thinking patterns, as a result of addressing their learning, beliefs and values. This is the foundation to your personality and how you live your life today.

By making a few simple shifts in your habits and behaviours, this then allows you to change your thinking and the result about the way you feel. Problems are typically deeply rooted in the subconscious mind and so cannot be eliminated on a conscious level and that’s why you need expert help.

London Wellbeing Clinic’s clients have consistently achieved optimal health, wealth and wellbeing over the last 15 years and I offer you the chance to achieve your desired Lifestyle, Financial, Health and Wellbeing, ambitions, goals and outcomes easily and effortlessly.

To validate my experience and success I have hundreds of client testimonials in addition to the following highly regarded accreditations.

These include: Adhp, Adv {Psych} DCH, Dhyp, MICHP, MNHPR, ABH, BCMA, ATFT Dx, RCT, {Adv}. MP, TLT. Dip. CBT. Reiki master teacher.

I’m also a Master Trainer for the Institute of Clinic Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (ICHP) and teach in many countries around the world.

Continually updating my learning, research and development gives you access to the latest cutting edge and rapid resolution Techniques, Technologies and Methodologies.

Having helped over 14,500 clients who have rapidly achieved clarity of mind and body with lasting change, this speaks for itself. You will, I guarantee, get rapid and permanent results with London Wellbeing Clinic.

There is no reason why any one should put up with something inside themselves, Yet is outside of there control.

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David R Behan


London Wellbeing Clinic Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Guide…

What Is Clinical Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy?

Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy from the London Wellbeing clinic is used subtley to help change a client’s negative belief’s, behavior, emotional content, and attitudes, as well as reverse a wide range of conditions including negative habit patterns, anxiety, panic attacks, stress-related illness, pain management, and personal development.

Hypnotherapy Explained:

Clinical Hypnotherapy is in no way harmful, is non-invasive and will give you relaxation like you have never experienced before. The results fom this type of therapy can literally be unlimitless and produce life changing results in as little as 3 sessions. If you wish to Stop Smoking this can be acheived in 1 Hour. When you are hypnotised and under hypnosis, you are completely aware of everything that is happening and London Wellbeing Clinic take any concerns you have seriously. Every client is treated in full confidence and you do not have to disclose anything you don’t want to.

A number people have an irrational fear of losing control when being hypnotised, the reailty is there is nothing to be concerned about whatsoever and you are in full control at all times. Hypnotherapy has only positive effects and is only one of many profoundly powerful techniques used at the London Wellbeing Clinic. If you don’t want hypnotherapy using in your treatment programme, David has a large resource of other techniques used with all clients, such as TFT Dx, EFT, Time Line Therapy, EMDR and NLP and when used in synergy can easily and effortlessly remove any problem or issue.

Psychotherapy Explained:

Psychotherapy is completely non-invasive and uses subtle communication techniques and can help rapidly treat many issues including mental and emotional disorders with outstanding results. Psychotherapy uses psychological techniques that are designed to encourage communication of conflicts and insight into problems, with the end goal being rapid relief of symptoms, changes in your language, habits and behaviors leading to improved lifestyle, and a transformation in personality growth.

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