Addictions & Substance Abuse: Stop Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, etc

Drugs including cigarettes and alcohol are chemicals that have a profound impact on the neurochemical balance in the brain which directly affects how you feel and act. People who are suffering emotionally smoke cigarettes, drink excessive alcohol and use drugs, not so much for the rush, but to escape from their problems.

Ultimately they are trying to self-medicate themselves out of loneliness, low self-esteem, unhappy relationships, stress or other issue. These are negative beliefs that consequently create patterns that all too often lead to, smoking, alcohol addiction, drug abuse and addiction to many things like pornography, gambling, cocaine, etc. The good news is, addictions can be stopped.

In addition to substance and alcohol addictions, David R Behan is highly respected throughout the world and highly sought after for his Stop Smoking, Hour of Power session. Many clients from all walks of life, from the general public, to high profile celebrities and sports stars, come to David for one reason… he gets results fast! So if you are addicted to smoking cigarettes and wish to Stop Smoking in 1 hour, Guaranteed.

A Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session with David will last for 1 hour.

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A smoker who smokes just 1 pack of 20 cigarettes a day can spend up to £2,500+ a year funding their habit, other substances (alchohol, drugs etc) may double or even treble this cost!

David’s success rate is well renowned and your session is backed up by a “15 month” guarantee. If during the course of the next 15 months after your session you relapse into your addiction, you may return to either the Harley Street or Kensington clinic to be re-treated by David.

Free yourself from Addictions and Substance Abuse

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With all addictions its vital to acknowledge and to find out how to recognise the signs and symptoms of drug abuse or addiction in yourself or someone you care about, so when these problems are faced and thoughtfully addressed, there is a foundation on which to overcome this drug abuse, alcohol and other addictions.

Drug abuse or substance abuse, involves the repeated and excessive use of prescription or street drugs. In one way or another, almost all drugs over stimulate the pleasure center of the brain, flooding it with the neurotransmitter dopamine which produces euphoria. That heightened sense of pleasure can be so compelling that the brain wants that feeling back, again and again.

These drugs cause increased energy, rapid heart rate and elevated blood pressure, but they also produce racing thoughts and make you feel overly-stimulated. Continued use causes rapid breathing, irritability, impulsiveness, aggression, nervousness, insomnia, weight loss, tolerance, addiction, and possible heart failure. These drugs also cause an impairment in cognitive functioning which negatively affects memory and impacts the ability to learn.

Regardless of your addiction, be it smoking, alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling, cocaine why not make the decision now to Take back control of your life.

With David’s industry beating “15 month” guarantee, you can now take the first step to solving your problems Risk-Free and with full confidence.

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People with conditions such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or mood disorders such as depression and anxiety may find that a street drug makes them feel less jumpy, depressed or anxious.

The line between substance abuse and drug dependence is defined by the role drugs play in your life. Addiction and drug dependence occurs when drugs become so important that you are willing to sacrifice your work, home and even family. Once your brain and body get used to the substances you are taking, you begin to require increasingly larger and more frequent doses, in order to achieve the same effect.

Drugs such as Heroin, a painkiller, over-stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain producing euphoric effects which cause compulsive drug-seeking behaviors and affect self-control and judgment. These drugs are highly addictive and require a medical detoxification (detox) to cleanse the chemicals from your system.

The severity of withdrawal symptoms such as chills, shakes, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and cravings can be reduced in detox with prescribed medications that can be slowly decreased over time. Withdrawal affects you physically and emotionally resulting in sadness, depression and exhaustion.

If during the next 15 months after your treatment you should return to your addiction, you may return to the Harley Street or Kensington clinic to be re-treated by David. This is the best Risk-Free guarantee available in the industry today.

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