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David has seen every conceivable emotional, psychological and physical problem, no matter how big or small. So whatever your problem or issue, and no matter how long you have suffered, there is a fast and simple solution to help you regain control of your mind and body.

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    • London Wellbeing Clinic’s most popular session. Your typical 1 hour Therapy session but with a difference, as David gets Rapid Results. Book your consultation session now, so David can establish the root of your problem and begin to Rapidly Remove it.
    • Looking to Take Control of Your Life in one complete session? The Breakthrough Session will change your life, literally in 1 day. Detailed, Intensive and Complete… But ultimately giving you the outstanding results to Take Charge of Your Life Today.
    • Stop Smoking in 1 hour! David will easily and effortlessly, rapidly remove your smoking habit, using profoundly powerful and non-invasive techniques. What will it mean to your health and your finances to quit smoking forever? More energy for your family and loved ones? more money in your pocket?
    • A smoker who smokes just 1 pack of 20 cigarettes a day can spend up to £3,000+ a year funding their habit!
    • Industry Beating Guarantee
    • If during the course of the next 15 months after your treatment you should relapse into smoking again, you may return to the Harley Street or Kensington Clinic to be re-treated by David, guaranteed. End the habit.

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If the treatment you are interested in is not listed above, please fee free to Contact David for an initial (no obligation) conversation and to discuss your condition before committing to a session.