Take the Stress Test

We are all exposed to Stress on a daily basis and avoiding this is not easy or always possible. Stress can’t be seen and slowly makes its move insidiously on your mind and body through everyday senarios. You may start to get affected with small everyday incidents and even they have tried, your Doctor, Practitioner or Therapist may have found nothing wrong with you.

You may look fit and healthy on the outside with no physical signs or symptoms, and this is because stress is subtle in its on-set into every corners of the mind and body, with no obvious tangible reasons for its affect on us. You could say stress is the disease of the 21st Century…

Concerned? Answer these 5 simple questions below to identify your own stress levels.

Question 1

Are you unhappy with your present situation in life and feel you could do better, earn more money and achieve more?

Yes No

Question 2

Are you anxious, concerned and worried about your future?

Yes No

Question 3

Do you get angry and frustrated at small and insignificant things in your life?

Yes No

Question 4

Do you feel stressed when things don’t go your way?

Yes No

Question 5

Do you feel as though you lack confidence, self belief and self esteem?

Yes No