Take the Toxin Test

We are all exposed to Toxins on a daily basis and avoiding these is not easy or always possible. Toxins can’t be seen and make their move insidiously on your mind and body through various methods of intake. You may feel unwell with absolutely no reason to do so and your Doctor, Practitioner or Therapist may have found nothing wrong with you.

You may look fit and healthy on the outside with no physical signs or symptoms, and this is because Toxins are subtle in their attack on the mind and body, with no obvious tell tale symptoms or reasons for their affect on us. You could say toxins are the disease of the 21st Century…

Concerned? Answer these 5 simple questions below to identify your own toxicity levels.

Question 1

Do you suffer from frequent episodes of anxiety, depression or extreme fatigue?

Yes No

Question 2

Do you have a physical or mental reaction following the intake of certain foods?

Yes No

Question 3

Do you experience uncontrollable negative thoughts with no warning to their onset?

Yes No

Question 4

Do you feel unwell when exposed to either flowers, perfume, tobacco or everyday chemicals?

Yes No

Question 5

Do you feel ill yet no apparent cause has been found?

Yes No