Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at Work in Thoughts and Feelings

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a way of using the mind to effect changes in emotions and thus in behaviours. The premise of CBT is that the experiences that a person has are filtered through his or her thoughts. The result is that people feel the way their thoughts instruct them to feel. In other words, feelings do not come out of the experiences, but out of the reactions people have to those experiences.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy London clinicians work to establish for the client the fact that they have some control over their feelings. The clients do not have to accept the emotions that come over them as their fate. Rather, they can learn new responses to experiences similar to ones they have faced in the past.

A common method of a CBT Therapist London is to have the client take note of three aspects of any situation. The first is the event that triggered the disturbance. This may be difficult to ascertain if the feeling is one of hopelessness or generalised anxiety. However with work, situations may be discovered that contributed to the emotion.

After the event is described, the client is asked to bring to mind the thoughts that accompanied the event when it happened. This may also be difficult at first because many patients do not realise that they have even had a thought about the subject.

When an emotion follows an event without conscious thought, there is invariably an automatic thought in play. This thought may occur without much attention being paid to it. Yet, it can be very powerful in changing the way a person feels.

For instance, in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for depression, a person may experience some sort of failure or setback in his or her life. That person’s automatic thought may be that his or her worth in life is dependent on success in this matter. Therefore, the resulting feeling is one of worthlessness and hopelessness.

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The CBT Therapist London will help the client to reframe the experience. This is done in several ways. One is by asking questions. The client is asked about the global nature of the failure – does it actually mean the client is actually utterly worthless? The client may think so at first, but with honest thought will realise that this experience is just a part of his or her life. It is usually, in fact, a very small part of life.

The client of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy London begins to learn to reframe the event in the real context of the situation. When clients see that one incident is not a terribly devastating one, they begin to feel better. They change their overgeneralisations, their magnifications of problems, and all of their cognitive biases. When they can accomplish this, they have learned the principles of CBT and how to function better in the world.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy UK has been successfully used to help with psychotic disorders as well. Schizophrenics may be taught to question their delusions and auditory hallucinations. With thoughtful reasoning, they may become aware that their symptoms are not grounded in reality. They may begin to live with more freedom from disturbing emotions and compulsions when they realise that the thoughts causing them are faulty.

Cognitive Behavioral Marital Therapy can be used to help couples see their relationships for what they are. Instead of exaggerating their spouses’ mistreatment of them, they may perhaps see that the events are not as negative or all-encompassing as they once thought. Couples may begin to analyse inpidual occurrences to determine whether there is really something to be upset about.

One concept in the practice of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is that a person will develop schema in early life that will be with him or her indefinitely. Some will tend towards negative ways of interpreting things that happen or are said. These people will be prone to depression or anxiety, depending upon whether they think in terms of hopelessness or danger. This is a cognitive bias.

The cognitive bias leads them to think negative thoughts. Then, they have overwhelming negative emotions. They may limit their activities in order to avoid these emotions. Because of this, they have fewer chances for success, and thoughts of worthlessness lead them into a cycle of depression and social phobia.

A CBT Therapist London will help such people to break the cycle of depression, anxiety, delusions, or any other negative emotion or outcome. This is done through purposeful talk. It is not enough to unburden oneself. One must learn the concepts of Behavioral Cognitive Therapy in order to make progress.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a method for changing outcomes. It can lead a person who has had a phobia to gain information about what it is actually like to face that fear. It can help a person who is in a cycle of failure and depression. When Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is used, people learn to face reality. They usually find that it is better than they had expected it to be.

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