EFT & Emotional Freedom Technique for Emotional and Physical Health

Emotional Freedom Technique is a method of treating people for all kinds of emotional and physical ailments. It is designed to relieve distressing feelings and thoughts that have negative effects on the patients. While there are certainly people who have mastered the intricacies of the technique, anyone can perform the basic method.

Emotional Freedom Technique is similar to Thought Field Therapy. Both practices use tapping on key meridians, or acupressure points. The largest difference is that Thought Field Therapy is done only after diagnosing the problem. Then, one of 15 or so tapping routines are employed to relieve the problem.

In EFT, the tapping routine is the same for all difficulties. The thing that varies from case to case is the negative affirmations that a person repeats while doing the tapping. An EFT Practitioner London will work with a client to overcome his or her problems by getting to the root of the disturbance.

If a person has a physical ailment, the method is the same. The person thinks about negative affirmations while tapping on the key meridians. In the case of physical conditions, however, it may be difficult to ascertain what is causing the problem.

While the tapping sequence will not change, EFT therapists need to discern some disturbance that is blocking the energy in the patient’s body. It may not be obvious. The person may assure the EFT practitioner that he or she is feeling no discomfort or negative feelings. Yet, if there is disease, chances are that there are some negative thoughts or feelings present.

The job of the EFT London clinic’s staff is to work with individuals to find out what is making them emotionally and physically ill. It may take time and ingenuity. The EFT therapists may spend some time asking a list of questions to try to elicit some responses on the subjective disturbance scale (SUDS) of 1 to 10. If the patient never rates his or her discomfort at more than a 1, there can be no progress.

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The EFT practitioner London will ask some questions. Some might be whether the person has a memory that he or she would rather not have, when was the last time he or she cried, got angry, or got upset, and what are some fears the patient has. From this information, the EFT therapist will begin to understand where the negative, blocking energy is coming from within them.

The purpose of Emotional Freedom Technique is to bring up these negative thoughts and experiences by stating them in negative affirmations. Therefore, a person might say that he or she is not worthy to succeed in business, not capable of learning a new skill, or not going to get over a fear of spiders.

While these affirmations are being repeated, the person is tapping on the key meridian points to relieve the disturbing feelings associated with them. As the process goes on, the rating on the SUDS scale should steadily decline until the person feels at peace.

To follow up, the EFT London therapist will guide the patient in stating positive affirmations to counter the negative ones. For example, I am worthy, I am capable, or I am going to recover. One goal is to change the self talk of the patient.

Other goals are more subtle. The tapping on the key meridians is related to the ancient art of acupuncture. It releases and opens up the energy flow so that the body is functioning as it should.

Phobia EFT training works nearly the same way. The difference is that a person is always aware of his or her phobia. The patient comes to the EFT London office with a specific problem to tackle. It may be that the problem can be resolved very quickly.

Some problems are more difficult to work out. If a client comes to the office for EFT Phobia therapy, the phobia may be based on a group of experiences instead of just one. In that case, it may be necessary to use the Emotional Freedom Technique to explore and tap for several incidents within the global issue.

This is one way that EFT therapy can make a person feel worse for awhile before feeling better. A distinct part of the overall problem is addressed and it provides temporary relief. Then, the surface is broken and deeper issues come up that need to be resolved. The deeper issues may be more disturbing than the original surface issues for awhile. However, once they are treated, a feeling of calm and confidence will come.

Emotional Freedom Technique is an important way to help people in distress. It has been known to relieve symptoms of diseases and conditions that were once thought to be incurable. There is no doubt that EFT London is a successful and effective treatment.

Change Your Life with Emotional Freedom Technique

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