Using Neuro Linguistic Programming to Effect Change

Neuro Linguistic Programming was designed when Richard Bandler and John Grinder decided to examine three psychotherapists. They modeled the behaviour of these therapists to learn their techniques and to understand why the therapists were so successful. The concepts they arrived at were very useful for many people.

David will help you to achieve your goals using the information gained through these studies. One of the keys to Neuro Linguistic Programming is that people’s problems, feelings, and desires are all represented in sensory systems.

When these successful psychotherapists worked with clients, they responded to the non-verbal cues brought on by these sensory images rather than just what was said in words. Neuro Linguistic Programming is the way that a person’s experiences become codified and framed into the brain as thoughts and memories. Neuro Linguistic Programming methods can be used to reframe thoughts and images to allow for changes in perception.

David’s focus is on helping people with emotional issues, including people whose issues are preventing them from reaching their full potential. NLP can be used to help businesspersons, performers, and sports players. It can also help the person who is having trouble at home. It has many uses.

The meta model is one concept of Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is an approach in which David works to foster new choices in thought and behaviour for you. This is done by breaking down sentences of what you say during the session. Whenever you leave out information, David will prompt you to fill in the blanks.

When generalisations have been made, David will help you become more specific with your language. Whenever you use words that are imprecise, David will help you to find a more exact way to state your sentence.

This is one of the key tenets of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The idea is that the way in which one thinks and expresses oneself is a great determining factor in what outcomes the person will have. While no behaviour or thought is said to be ineffective, some behaviours may be inappropriate for achieving a specific result.

Take Control Of Your Life with Neuro Linguistic Programming

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The Milton model is based upon the methods of one of the psychotherapists studied. Milton Erickson used statements that at first blush seemed to be perfectly specific. However, the statements allowed for much variation in interpretation by the client. This encouraged the clients to talk about their sensory experiences.

Another tenet of Neuro Linguistic Programming is that people are making sensory representations at all times no matter what they are doing. These representations can affect the outcomes a person experiences. Matching the representational systems through eye movements, gestures, and sensory-based language may allow NLP therapists to have a better rapport with their clients.

People often wonder how to use the swish pattern in NLP. It is a method in which visualisations are changed for other images, or submodalities. These submodalities are fine details of the overall sensory representations a person makes. During swish, a client is directed to experience the submodality in his or her mind. Then at the therapist’s direction, the swish happens and the client focuses on a more helpful image.

Reframing in Neuro Linguistic Programming is a way in which perceptions are looked at in a different way. This is done by using different language to describe the same event. The language used can make a world of difference in the meaning and outcome of an event. There is also a method called the 6 step reframe NLP.

What is the 6 step reframe NLP, one might ask. It is a type of reframing. It helps clients to discover what the intention behind certain behaviour might be. After all, each behaviour is helpful in some aspect. If a person wants to avoid crowds, hiding away in his or her flat is a perfectly good way to do it.

On the other hand, he or she may want to go to the market, meet a friend for a meal, or go to the theatre. The perception that outside the flat is bad needs to be changed if the person is to ever go outside again. The 6 step reframe NLP will help the person accomplish this.

There are ceratain ideas in play: One is that there is more to communication than just words. Another is that a person has everything he or she needs to succeed and that it is always possible for that person to learn what needs to be learned.

Another aspect of Neuro Linguistic Programming is that flexibility is important. When something does not help a person, it is necessary to try another method that might help. Finally, choice is freedom. No matter what the choices are, they are better than no choice at all.

Neuro Linguistic Programming can be easily learned by people who want to change their lives. David can help you to change your speech and so change the outcomes of your behaviours and ultimately, to achieving the results you desire.

Change Your Life with Neuro Linguistic Programming

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