The Causes and Treatments for Psychological Trauma

Psychological trauma may happen to anyone when extreme situations take place. Trauma may have lasting effects upon a person’s emotions and behaviours. It is important, then, for victims of trauma to seek treatment from experienced professionals.

Trauma may be caused by any event that is devastating in some way. People are more likely to be traumatised when something horrific happens that they did not expect in any way. For example, a person who watches the news and learns that an earthquake is expected will be more prepared and less traumatised than one who has no notice.

If the person feels psychologically overwhelmed by an incident, he or she is more likely to be traumatised. For example, one person may hear of a loved one’s death and be sad but not overcome. Another might be so psychologically overwhelmed that he or she cannot eat, sleep, or take care of him or herself until help is available.

Another hallmark of trauma is that the person who is traumatised is helpless to prevent or stop the occurrence, or at least perceives that to be true. The fight or flight response is triggered, but the person feels helpless to do either. This results in a flood of highly charged emotion that keeps coming back over days, months, or even years.

One of the problems that causes trauma to take hold can be treated in Trauma London clinics. This problem is that the person is unable to cope with the situation that presents itself. This causes trauma at the time, and it prolongs the traumatic feelings because the person does not know how to make things better. A feeling of dissociation or numbness may take hold.

Psychological trauma can be caused by any type of natural disaster, especially if it is sudden. Physical assault or automobile accidents may bring on traumatic responses. When people experience violence or witness horrific fatalities, they often experience trauma. Other sources of trauma are surgery, illness, or birth trauma.

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There are several reasons why a single event may cause trauma for one person and not for another. The difference may be in the history of the individual. When people experience trauma early in life, they are generally more easily traumatised later in life. Different coping skills and beliefs also have a part to play. Finally, the person who gets more support from friends and family will be less likely to suffer lasting trauma.

The symptoms of trauma are numerous, but each individual may only experience a few of them. A person who has experienced trauma may eat or sleep more or less than usual. They may have feelings of low energy or inexplicable pain.

Emotionally, victims of psychological trauma may feel depressed and hopeless, full of anxiety, fearful, angry, or out of control. Sometimes a feeling of emotional numbness is an even more difficult problem to overcome because the person shuts off from help.

Trauma London specialists will help clients to recover from symptoms like memory lapses, difficulty in decision-making, poor concentration, and thoughts that intrude on present life. They will help trauma victims to overcome resulting substance abuse or other self-destructive behaviours. With help, trauma victims can once again form close relationships.

Trauma treatment can take many forms. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is used to change one’s thoughts and behaviours in regards to the traumatic experience. Clients will learn to reframe their experiences in any way that will help them. When they understand that the traumatic experience is not going to happen again and again, they will be on their way to healing.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing is used to combine many different therapeutic methods with a system of eye movements and hand tappings. The resulting stimulation helps the brain to process the information that was contained in the traumatising event. It is only then that the memory can be put to rest.

Somatic Therapies are used to help the client to engage their bodies in healing their minds. They may involve shaking, laughing, crying, or other physical manifestations of the tension that has built up in them. There are several different methods used in Somatic Therapies.

Trauma London treatment may include hypnotherapy as a means to focus on changing responses to the negative feelings that abound after trauma. Clients may be given suggestions to be forgiving of themselves for not being able to avoid the trauma. They may be helped to stop avoiding situations that remind them of the traumatising event.

Psychological Trauma is a difficult problem to overcome. It is rooted in dire circumstances, most of which would terrify or shock anyone. Trauma treatment, then, is necessary for people who suffer from lingering effects of such an incident. A casual talk with a friend will not heal a trauma victim. Excellent trauma treatment can bring about healing for victims of the most devastating traumas.

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