How Reiki Is Used For Healing

Reiki is the practise of using the laying on of hands to heal mind, body, and spirit. Reiki is based upon the idea that there is a universal life force energy that flows through each person, causing him or her to be alive. When the universal life force energy is high, the person is able to achieve health and happiness. When it is low, illness and stress are the results.

Reiki Healing London practitioners use Reiki treatments to help people to become more relaxed, healthy, and to foster self-improvement. Whole-body treatments are usually given to each person, regardless of the condition or goals being addressed. However, in the case of specific injury or disease, the whole-body treatment may be followed by a more intense focus on a particular part of the body.

The Reiki master will pass on the ability to use the Reiki methods during attunements. Reiki is easy to learn, and people often do daily Reiki work on themselves to promote continued well-being. It does not take someone who is intellectually gifted to be able to use Reiki, so it is available to everyone.

Reiki London methods are based on Dr. Mikao Usui’s systems of natural healing. Usui Reiki, while not a religion, does offer 5 ethical ideals that should help each person to meet his or her goals. These ideals will help the person, but only because they are in harmony with everyone.

The ideals include putting away anger, abandoning worry, and living with gratitude. Other ideals are: devoting oneself to the work of improving oneself, and being kind to people. If these ideals are followed, the universal life force energy will flow more freely.

A Reiki London practitioner will bring a client into the office and make him or her comfortable to prepare for a treatment. The client will be asked to lie down. The practitioner will proceed with the treatment after preparing him or herself carefully. There is little talking done during a treatment. This encourages a feeling of calm and peacefulness.

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The Reiki healing will begin as the practitioner lays hands on the recipient of the Reiki. The hands may touch the body or be held a few inches from the surface of the body. The Reiki practitioner’s hands will form one position on the recipient’s body and hold for a time. The practitioner’s hands will stay still for several minutes before moving on to the next position.

Some Reiki practitioners use unvarying hand positions for each client no matter what their issues or ailments. Others change the positions based upon their own intuitions of where the healing forces need to be directed. Usually the number of different hand positions is 20 or fewer. A treatment will most often last from an hour to one and a half hours.

The hands are placed in different positions on the head, covering areas that affect the sinuses, the ears and semi-circular canals, or the back of the head for migraines and other disorders. The torso is covered front and back for maladies that are generated in specific locations there. The knees and feet are also treated.

The overall effect of Reiki treatment is that the recipient feels a general sense of well-being. Over time, symptoms of illnesses and emotional problems seem to melt away. The treatments help people with sleep issues, acute injuries, chronic problems like asthma or headaches, and pain.

Reiki London practitioners also use the treatments to reduce the side effects of drugs and chemotherapy. Reiki can help the body cleanse itself from toxins. The treatments can also be beneficial to the immune system. They can even promote long life.

The Reiki Healing London treatments can also be used by people who are currently in good general health. These people will come out of the treatments with a marvelous sense of self confidence and harmony with the world.

People who have experienced Reiki healing look upon life as a positive experience because their energy life force is very high. The Reiki actually acts to prevent illness and emotional distress. Regular treatments, therefore, are suggested whether done by a Reiki practitioner or done by the person on him or herself.

One of the basic ideas of Reiki is that the energy being used for treatments comes from the universal life force. Then, the person receiving the treatment draws on the energy through the practitioner. Therefore, Reiki is a cooperative process. Reiki London practitioners are well aware of this concept, and so they work well with the recipients of their treatments.

Reiki Healing London practitioners do treatments to help people to heal themselves. The healing desired may be for physical injuries or illnesses. The people may have emotional distresses. No matter what kind of conditions or problems the people have, Reiki can help them to overcome it.

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