How Thought Field Therapy Is Applied

Thought Field Therapy is a way of working with people who face emotional or physical problems. It came about when Dr. Roger Callahan was trying to find a way to relieve his patient’s extreme fear of water. In doing so, he happened upon a method that has been used by many people since then to treat all kinds of ailments. People can now come to Thought Field Therapy London clinics for treatment.

Roger Callahan

The basis of Thought Field Therapy is that there are energy fields, or thought fields, which can be blocked by perturbations. These perturbations can be any physical or psychological problem that can then trouble a personin his or her life. The perturbations ultimately cause medical or psychological problems.

Thought Field Therapy can be used to give relief from these perturbations. This is done by tapping on the key meridian points, or acupressure points, that govern these ailments. The techniques are simple, and can be learned by almost anyone. After an initial consultation, a person will learn to treat his or her own condition.

The results are actually quite amazing. Relief comes in a matter of minutes. The patient may learn the meridian points and how to do the tapping. Yet, the treatment is often so effective that little repeat work is necessary.

The treatment through Thought Field Therapy is not only rapid. It is also powerful to help patients to overcome major obstacles. It need not be relegated to curing petty disturbances. In fact, it has been shown to treat severe cases of post traumatic stress disorder quite successfully.

Thought Field Therapy London clinics offer treatment to those wishing to lose weight or recover from anorexia nervosa. TFT has been used for drug addiction treatment as well as for pain management. It has even been shown to have a positive effect on obsessive-compulsive disorder, one of the most stubborn disorders known to humans.

Take Control Of Your Life with Thought Field Therapy

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People who are treated with Thought Field Therapy show great improvements in their sense of well-being. They experience less anxiety, feelings of anger, stress, and pain. They come out of therapy with a greater sense of self-esteem and confidence. They are more satisfied with their lives after they have been relieved of their perturbations.

Besides being able to treat themselves, people can use the techniques they learn to treat others. They are easily mastered. Thought Field Therapy is an even more positive experience when it can be shared with others who need the help. It can help relationships and benefit families.

In any case, there is no way to hurt anyone by trying Thought Field Therapy. A person may miss the key points and not tap on the meridians as they have been instructed to do. If this happens they will not help their patient very much. At the same time, they will do nothing to injure the person who they are trying to help. Thought Field Therapy is non-invasive and cannot do anyone any harm no matter how far off the mark the taps may go.

One advantage of Thought Field Therapy is that a patient does not have to talk about problems to get relief. In many cases, traditional therapy involves bringing up painful issues and memories. The sessions can become so grueling that the patient feels overwhelmed by bad feelings. He or she may leave the therapist’s office feeling even worse than when he or she arrived.

With Thought Field Therapy, patients are encouraged to think of the causes of their problem emotions or behaviours. However, they are only to think of them for a short time. Once the perturbations are firmly in their minds, they are free to begin the tapping to relieve the feelings associated with them.

Each time the tapping is done, the patient takes time out to assess the level of relief that has been attained. Discomfort is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest level of discomfort. As the Thought Field Therapy continues, the rating of the discomfort should go down dramatically.

At certain points during the tapping, other techniques are used. The patients are asked to look in certain directions, count to five, or hum a tune. These procedures aid in unblocking the thought fields. At each juncture in the treatment, the patient is asked to rate the discomfort.

David has achieved great successes with people who use this treatment. The methods are both fast and effective. They last for long periods of time, sometimes for decades. Thought Field Therapy is an important treatment for people who cannot engage in expensive and lengthy cures.

When Thought Field Therapy is used, it gives many patients a new attitude. It opens up their thinking to include possibilities of relaxed and carefree days. Thought Field Therapy is an important tool in helping people to help themselves to create lasting, positive changes in their lives.

Change Your Life with Thought Field Therapy

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